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Akassh ashok Gupta


Akassh ashok GuptaAkassh ashok Gupta

Why Peepoye Network ?

After completing my graduation, I felt a strong urge to gain exposure, leading me to join one of India's premier companies, GECIS (a subsidiary of the renowned General Electric). As I embarked on this journey, I was uncertain about my destination but utterly amazed by the multinational environment. Initially, my intention was to merely experience the work culture and infrastructure, but I found myself deeply immersed in the corporate world. It was during my tenure at HSBC, where I held the position of 'Assistant Vice President,' that I discovered my true calling and created my YouTube channel.
While I found fulfilment in my corporate life, providing consulting services to top brands and honing my skills as a process excellence leader and transformation consultant, I sensed a significant void. This void led me to embrace YouTube, where I found an unexpected source of excitement. Witnessing the impact of my voice and opinions on the world ignited a sense of childlike enthusiasm within me, and I realised the power I possessed to enact change in the world around me.


I Breathe Passion

YouTube became a turning point in my life, and suddenly everything came alive. Even though I started late, I finally found myself doing what I truly loved. YouTube never felt like work to me. In corporate life, promotions or recognition from superiors or clients were considered rewards. However, on YouTube, every subscriber felt like a reward. Receiving comments from viewers below my videos filled me with joy, knowing that my opinions had a profound impact on someone's mindset to the extent that they would take the time to leave a comment.
An interesting incident occurred during my visit to China when I tried my hand at vlogging. Initially, I had high expectations, hoping that my vlogs would be seen by millions. However, I soon realised that only a few hundred people showed any interest in my vlog content. Upon returning to creating opinion videos, I noticed that my views would sometimes reach hundreds of thousands. This taught me an important lesson: creating content based on my audience's interests and preferences, rather than my own mood, is key to YouTube's recommendation algorithm. This revelation prompted me to delve deeper into the YouTube Algorithm, which is now covered extensively in our advanced flagship course. It was a positive turning point in my journey.


Do it right

However, several issues started to arise. Firstly, my initial two channels got banned, despite my efforts to watch around 250-300 videos to understand YouTube better. Then, my channel monetisation became blocked, and there were times when I couldn't figure out why my views suddenly dropped. It dawned on me that I had been solely focused on self-learning without implementing the practices I used to preach during my consulting engagements with top leaders of renowned global brands. Once I began applying those tactics to my YouTube strategy, I witnessed a surge in my influence. In fact, my revenue started matching my salary for certain months, confirming that a switch was possible.
Although this realisation came after 20 years, it made me feel alive again. Now, I am ready to share my secret sauce and an accelerated method with all of you. You no longer have to waste time on self-learning. Instead, you can pursue what you love or take your business to the next level by harnessing the organic reach of the YouTube platform. This is why I am introducing 'Youtubeneur' to the market, a term I coined for myself. However, everyone out there deserves to break free from the stagnant state and soar like a bird. That's exactly what my flagship course, titled Youtubeneur, offers.