Transgender harassed a young boy in a train

Pseudo laws and protection. While the Indian government is trying to empower transgenders to bring them on par with the rest of the society, the same people at times try to drag others down. At times empowerment of one section raises the question of threat to others’ security and liberty. 

Currently, in an ongoing viral video of Poorbiya express (15280), a transgender is seen harassing a boy for not giving her money. The incident takes place on 6th august 2022 as shown in the video.

The video shows a transgender asking for money from the passengers of Poorbiya express (15280), this is a practice that the Indian government is working on to liberate the community from, as it defames their existence. However, the transgender in the video is misusing it to molest a passenger. He not only abuses him but also drags him to the washroom and locks both of them in for about 10 minutes or so. People outside try to make them open the door which leads their efforts to vain. Not only was the boy harassed in a public place but was also looted. To be specific, he had 130 rupees which were taken away from him in the washroom.

What becomes more disturbing to see is the reactions of people. instead of trying to stop the wrong, people in the video are seen laughing and making fun of the situation. The liberty and dignity of the boy became a laughing stock for people around.

The boy is also seen hiding his face from the camera and also is hesitant to confront the wrong. This also shows a lapse in our society. Men at times are taken for granted and are expected not to surrender, but the boy here has faced not only the abuse by the transgender but also a moral assault by the people on the train. Keep aside the question of saving he was laughed at which made him unable to face people.

The dilemma of the boy becomes unimaginable as he ran away from raising his voice against the mishap. This could be because of the pseudo laws and protection for the transgender and the trendy LGBTQ community that he felt himself unable to stand against them.

For him raising his voice might not be an approachable step because of the lack of support but it is not so for us. Due to the increasing power of social media, many wrongs are confronted and dealt with in a justified manner. Presenting the not-so-popular (thanks to the confined access of our press) mishaps and acts, confronting it and successfully dragging it to the doors of justice we are playing our part in it. However, it is not  possible without the power of people like you. Therefore to keep contributing to the process of change and awareness, follow our change army.

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