The Rise of MC Stan : The Underdog Rapper Who Conquered Bigg Boss

Who is MC stan? How did he make it to bigg boss?

MC Stan a.k.a Altaf Shaikh, an underground rapper from Pune, Maharashtra, is taking the Indian hip-hop scene by storm. He first gained fame with his debut rap video 'Wata,' but MC Stan's rise to fame wasn't limited to just his first hit, as he later found himself in the spotlight with his dissing rap battle against Emiway Bantai and the release of the viral diss track, ‘Khuaj Mat’. His popularity didn't go unnoticed and caught the attention of the makers of the popular TV show Bigg Boss, leading to his invitation to the Bigg Boss show, hosted by Salman Khan. Some of his most famous songs include "Basti Ka Hasti," "Snake," and "Ek Din Pyaar". The young musician's story of rising from poverty to riches is one that has inspired many, which he recently shared with the world on Bigg Boss house. On the show, MC Stan proved to be one of the most talked-about contestant and a charismatic personality.

What happens in Bigg boss? What typically resonates with the audience?

Reality TV shows like Bigg Boss are known for showcasing the real sides of celebrities, but sometimes, things take a turn for the worse. During the show, there were instances of excessive drama, fake love angles, body shaming, and other scripted scenarios that were done purely for the cameras. Shalin and Tine Dutta tried to make a fake love angle, and Tina Dutta also tried to be friends with MC stan for his fame, but Stan understood the situation very well. However, what these contestants failed to realize is that the audience is watching every detail, and they can never resonate with acting in a reality show. While these actions may have boosted ratings temporarily, they also left a sour taste in the mouths of many viewers. In a reality show like Bigg Boss, the audience loves to see the real sides of their favorite celebrities, to see them interact with others in real-life situations, and to see the true personalities of these stars.

Why did the Bigg boss audience resonate with MC stan?

MC Stan's presence on Bigg Boss season 16 has not only made an impact on the Indian hip-hop scene but has also won over the hearts of audiences everywhere. With his real and raw personality, MC Stan has become a fan-favorite, showing the power of the common man in the world of reality TV. MC Stan's genuine and authentic personality is what has endeared him to audiences. In a sea of dramatic personalities, MC Stan's down-to-earth and relatable nature stands out.
He has also gained popularity among the audience for his tendency to speak his mind without any filter. During an argument with Archana Gautam, MC Stan directly pointed out that everyone knows the reason why he danced with Abdu in the morning, which was for the sake of gaining fame. He also made the point that all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house should contribute to the household tasks as everyone is receiving a weekly payment. These bold and straightforward statements have made MC Stan a fan favourite on the show.

Why did Bigg boss cast MC stan in the season?

It's no secret that Bigg Boss, one of India's most popular reality TV shows, has a massive following and is known for its drama, controversy, and unpredictable twists. However, behind the scenes, the show has a highly planned strategy for selecting its contestants. The producers of Bigg Boss analyze data to determine which celebrities and personalities will resonate with the audience, and this is how they brought MC Stan into the Bigg Boss house.

MC Stan was a perfect fit for the show. He was a rising rapper from Pune who was making a name for himself in the Indian hip-hop scene, and the audience was eager to see more of him. With his raw and real personality, MC Stan quickly won the hearts of millions of viewers.

The Unique Characteristics of MC stan

MC Stan's real personality and genuine reactions have made him a standout on the show. His Friendship bond with Shiv Thakare becomes a shining example of true friendship in the Bigg Boss house. He has also demonstrated his loyalty to his girlfriend Buba, showing that he is a one-woman man. Despite being approached by other female contestants, he has stuck with his love outside the show. The audience also liked the friendship between MC Stan and Abdu Rizik. Stan showed great care towards his friend and has always had his best interests in mind. During a task, he stood up for Abdu, who has a small height, and argued with Bigg Boss that the task was not fair to him.

MC Stan's kindness was also on full display when he helped Shalin Bhanot during his bad phase, despite being bullied by him previously. This compassionate act won the hearts of audiences everywhere and proves that there is still room for kindness in the competitive world of reality TV.

MC Stan has also become a brand ambassador for Hindi, promoting the language through his lyrics and rhymes. He speaks his mind directly and unapologetically, winning the hearts of audiences everywhere. MC Stan won hearts with his real personality, genuine friendships, and unapologetic approach. He has set a high bar for future Bigg Boss contestants.

A Non-Colors Face Emerges Victorious in Bigg Boss

After a long time, a non-colors face emerged victorious in a recent season of Bigg Boss, helping to clear the image of the show as being scripted. In recent seasons, we had seen a trend of only Colors faces lifting the trophy. Rubina Dilaik, Dipika Kakar, Siddarth Shukla, Tejasswi Prakash, and many more are prime examples of this. However, with the recent win by a non-colors face, it dispels the notion that the show is heavily influenced and gives a fair chance to all contestants. The inclusion of MC Stan, a popular rapper and singer, also adds to the diversity and variety of the contestants, showcasing that the show is not limited to just television personalities.

Prediction of Wining that proved right

Our prediction has once again proven right. In our recent video, we confidently stated that if bigg boss did not favour colors face for the winner, MC Stan would take home the Bigg Boss crown. The audience loves Stan's real personality, his unbreakable friendship with Shiv, and his golden heart. With all of these qualities, it's no wonder why Stan is the predicted winner of Bigg Boss.

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