Sidhu Moose Wala – can security be blamed?


A glowing face, a smile beaming with dreams. The funeral occurred while his youth was blooming. The above excerpt from his last song – “The last ride” has a painful resemblance to what was going to come in his own life and in the lives of his well-wishers.

Sidhu Moose Wala – a name that ruled the hearts of millions is now an endless river of tears that could probably never wash away the stain of his absence. Yet his legacy will march on, along with the soulful songs he dedicated to us.


Sidhu had set out around 4:30 p.m. in his vehicle along with two personal companions. He was passing through the Jawaharke village of the Mansa district when an unidentified car started pursuing his own in close quarters.

Around 5:30 p.m., the assailants broke out and fired 30 rounds of bullets at him ruthlessly. The murder was undertaken in daylight, that too in an open market. He was hurried to a nearby hospital but by then it was too late. The star had dimmed forever.

Goldy Brar, a gangster based in Canada has shouldered responsibility for the case. He allegedly has close connections with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, who had undertaken the murder. It has been cited as an outcome of a gang war, with Goldy claiming he “avenged the death of his fellow gangster Vicky Middukhera.


It is pertinent that Sidhu, who joined Congress in December 2021, was equipped with VIP security granted by the Punjab Government. This security was repealed, with many others, just 2 days back in an effort by the AAP government to topple over the VIP culture in Punjab.

Withdrawing VIP security can be viewed as a laudable measure to an extent. However, things turned south when the government openly published the names in the confidential list in news dailies across Punjab. Several opposition politicians pointed this out. The argument is not weightless either. This announcement could have been an indirect driving force of the criminals, and an apology by the government is the need of the hour.


In the wake of the ill-fated turn of events, many influencers and YouTubers came to the fore with their own understanding of the issue. Many, however, put forth the deformed and the post-death images of the victim as their thumbnails. Some even featured the video which was created exposing his dead body.

Political and conspiracy angles have been forced into the murder, for a bit more traction, for a bit more political clout, and for a sharper controversy. A blame game is the last thing sought in such a heart-wrenching matter. In this battle, what is often forgotten is that Sidhu was not just a singer or a politician. Before all, he was a human being. Let us honor that wholeheartedly.


The claims for the assassination have already been taken up. Before anything else, the culprits and their leader(s) must be clutched by the hands of the law and appropriately sentenced.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Let justice be dealt with.

Moreover, the ruling party in Punjab must issue an apology in light of their misled publishing of the VIP’s names. A mistake had been made and no mistake can be rectified until it is realized. It is an earnest appeal to the government to probe deep into the issue and ensure that the umbrella of VIPs is snatched only from those who already have a raincoat. An immediate review of the same is called for.

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