Shrikant tyagi

In a viral video, Shrikant Tyagi was seen abusing and assaulting a woman who was taking a stand against him for an illegal encroachment at the Grand Omaxe society in Noida, sector 93 on 5th August. In the video, he was abusing the woman and also pushed her off. He also threatened the woman and said many things about her husband and family.

As he video went viral, Shrikant ran away from his home, leaving his wife and children alone crying. His wife was taken into custody for more than a day.

On 6th Aug, more than 10 goons entered into the Grand Omaxe society introducing themselves as Tyagi Clan, out of which 6 got arrested. BJP Sansad, Mahesh Sharma scolded police officers for the lapse of security and said that this can not happen under Yogi’s Govt. Police officers in charge also got suspended.

Finally, on Tuesday 8th Aug, the Bulldozer Demolished the Illegal Encroachment by Shrikant Tyagi.
Thanks to the Power of Social Media and Obviously the Lady at Grand Omaxe who stood her ground even after being threatened and abused.
Social Media continues to feel perplexed and questions whether Shrikant has political connections owing to his social media feed campaigning between 2018-2020 for BJP.

On 9-Aug, Shrikant Tyagi finally got arrested by the Noida Police in Merrut.
Credit for this quick action goes to the Power of Social Media as well as the lead triggered by the wife and Advocate’s phones.

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