Shaan, an Indian origin American student bullied and choked at School in the US

The modern sophisticated world boasts about renouncing racism and ethnic hatred, but there are frequent alarms in the form of incidents from developed countries itself. Reading headlines or watching news on such topics can be quite disheartening these days, so are the posts and threads on social media. Human rights and racial equality stay only in books and judicial papers when it comes to implementing it in reality. One such example of Shaan Pritmani, a student from Copple Middle school in Texas, just hints at the racial discrimination that manifests in the form of assault from classmates and double standard administrative actions taken against the involved pupils. 


A recent video of  Shaan Pritmani being bullied and nearly choked for about 4 minutes went viral on social media only to create a tide of outrage from almost all strata of the society. The video made by his own classmates just depicts the sense of mercilessness they bear in their stone hearts. The bully received a single day suspension and the victim was suspended for 3 days, thereby only adding fuel to fire. The victim’s family reportedly demanded legal help against the bully’s family making defamatory and baseless deceptive statements against the victim via press release and also permanent suspension of the bully from school as updated today.


These incidences are mere replicas of similar hate incidents of larger or lesser magnitude that involve anything from sheer harassment to murders too, the recent ones in Buffalo, New York and Laguna Woods, California being counted as horrific ones. This tendency has been adopted not since years, but from ages ago and seems to be instilled in the Blood of the white people. Research reports the bullying incident of Indians being 22% in school to as high as 40% in college life in the USA. (1) Owing to the shocking suspension issued in the above case, whether the statistics is a result of lack of proper regulation or due deliberate neglect by the government still remains a question to be answered.


While the overall cultural background of the USA surely hints racist ideology, incidents like these also point to immorality and stubbornness on the side of white students and school administration. As the white students are not mature enough to respond or communicate verbally in an effective manner, so is the school authority which issues unexplainable decisions on sensitive incidents. Such discriminatory decisions themselves can be seen as a reason why the American educational system or government is impotent in curbing racial disharmony since ages.


While racial friction is one of the alarming concerns of the world, governments and nations seem to fall short of effective modus operandi to restrict or cease its occurrence.  It thus becomes the boundant duty of every sensitive citizen of whichever country they belong, to restrain and report judiciously any similar acts or signs of animosity that may be prevalent before or behind your bound vision. Shaan’s incidence only awakens, but your action can animate the efforts for a universally compatible and peaceful society.

In Conclusion

Visualizing this dissappointing incident, certain key actions that seem unhealthy and contribute to the blowing up of this situation are –
1. An immature physical assault by American student, be it due to verbal battle or racism. (Approaching the school admin would have been wiser.)
2. An unexplained suspension order by the college administration, penalizing Shaan more than the bully
3. Thus inflicting the lack of appropriate order in the school norms that has been unable to secure students’ trust to approach the administration in case of a verbal mishap that should have been done by the American if allegations on Shaan were to be true.

For more details on the net you can visit these links : (1)

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