Pro Rider 1000 died due to motovlogging Over-Speeding Culture

prorider 1000

Over-Speeding Culture of Moto Vlogging on YouTube India

Moto vlogging has surged in popularity on YouTube, giving motorcycle enthusiasts a platform to share their love for adventure and connect with others. However, the trend has also raised concerns about dangerous and reckless behavior by some vloggers.

Many riders, such as UK07 Rider, Prabhjot, Pro Rider 1000, Aamir Majid and ZS Motovlogs, engage in overspeeding and risky stunts in a bid to boost views and earnings, often putting their own and others' lives at risk. In addition, many of these moto vloggers also compete with each other to hit a specific target speed. They aim to hit a specific target speed and often mock those who fail to achieve it, encouraging even more dangerous behavior. For example, in a live stream, Aamir Majid exceeded 300kmph, while UK07 Rider's highest speed was 299kmph, and Majid ridiculed him for it. Such competitions only encourage more dangerous behavior and can have fatal consequences. Despite this, many viewers enjoy this type of content and often encourage these vloggers to engage in even more risky behavior.

Unfortunately, this normalization of breaking traffic rules and promoting a dangerous culture can have fatal consequences, particularly given the increasing number of road accidents and fatalities. For instance, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reported that in 2021, out of the 155,622 road accident deaths in India, nearly 70,000 were two-wheeler riders. Therefore, is it worth risking lives for the sake of online fame?

The Agastya Chauhan AKA Pro Rider 1000 incident

Agastya Chauhan, also known as Pro Rider 1000, a renowned moto vlogger, lost his life on May 3, 2023 while riding on the Yamuna Expressway. The cause of his accident has been attributed to overspeeding, as he was allegedly attempting to reach a speed of 300kmph while riding with Aamir Majid.

Despite family and friends claiming otherwise, a video recorded moments before the accident shows Agastya attempting to hit his target speed and reaching up to 294kmph. He expressed feeling afraid and uneasy due to his helmet but persisted in his attempt to reach his goal. The police have yet to determine the exact cause of the accident, but have confirmed that Agastya was overspeeding at the time. This incident serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers of overspeeding and the importance of responsible riding.


In order to address this issue, it is essential to invest in surveillance and technology, including automation, to monitor incidents and detect corruption-related activities. This will enable authorities to ensure that penalties are appropriately enforced. Additionally, citizens should be encouraged to report any instances of corruption, such as when a police officer's nameplate is not visible, and recording should be permitted.

Another potential solution is to improve road infrastructure to make roads safer for all users. This could involve enhancing lighting, signage, and pedestrian crossings to reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Moto vlogging can be conducted responsibly, as exemplified by Mumbiker Nikhil, who has never been seen breaking traffic rules yet has produced engaging and popular videos. Other moto vloggers should follow his lead. We commend UK07 rider for acknowledging their mistake after we raised our concerns about reckless moto vlogging. 

Moto Vlogger Jatt Prabhjot also expressed regret by commenting on our video that he now understands the importance of responsible moto vlogging. Other YouTubers from the moto vlogging community, such as Ashwin Singh Takiar and Pranab Rai, also stepped forward to promote awareness about responsible riding by commenting on our video. 

Change begins with individual responsibility, and it is time for other moto vloggers to take accountability for their actions and set a positive example for their viewers. We urge other moto vloggers to come forward and publicly acknowledge the importance of responsible riding to spread awareness about the risks associated with dangerous stunts and encourage their viewers to ride safely.

As riders, we must bear in mind that we have loved ones waiting for us at home. If we were aware of the anxiety and distress our absence could cause, we would never consider taking unnecessary risks or performing stunts. Therefore, we must promote the hashtag #GharPeKoiIntezaarKarRahaHai to emphasize the importance of our loved ones' well-being and encourage responsible riding. All riders should pledge to not overspeed, as #GharPeKoiIntezaarKarRahaHai.

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