Is Influence Marketing becoming the #1 tool for Modern Brands?

In older times, brands used to position themselves in the market by investing in print media like Newspapers, Magazines, Public Hoardings but in this new digital age, those methods have become far less effective than placing an integration through an influencer that has a strong community of people who trust them and their endorsements.

While bigger brands may still have big marketing budgets and would be relying heavily on the power of the stars like cricketers or Bollywood stars and the main stream public figures, it’s the startups and specific niche related industries that need influencers to market their products as they believe in focusing on a target market instead of the entire market at large which may have less conversion or recall.

A perfect example in this case is a mobile app startup who have a unique value proposition in the market that makes learning fun for kids and they are very well aware that their target market would be the age group 10-15 year old so their best bet for immediate sale conversions would be to reach out any influencer who has a strong viewership from this demographic. While they may invest few lacs with the influencer, they will be able to have a much higher conversion than what they would get if they place an expensive ad on a TV show or though a google ad as the biggest differentiator here would be the trust factor that an influencer build with their audience.

If the response is good, the startup can experiment with various strategies like coming up with an discount offer, or placing a back to back campaign in a holiday season or covering the entire competitor spectrum of that influencer as well to ensure they replicate the formula and create a strong recall creating a good coverage of their entire market. 


But there’s an important factor that we shouldn’t forget if you are pumped up to encashing this opportunity that these kind of brand opportunities may come your way and may get you excited but only if you are selective and choose the right product to endorse can you sustain this revenue stream on a long term. I have seen many creators and influencers trying to sell anything that comes their way doing which, they lose the credibility and for a short-term gain lose their influence.

I have personally been quite adamant with my own business management team in saying a blunt no to any brand or a startup where the product has consistent negative reviews, there’s no strong value proposition or credibility in the market even if we lose the opportunity to make lacs every months through such opportunities. It’s important for an influencer to lead by the example and maintain the trust of their viewers while promoting various brands.

If you are wondering if you could be the one to make most of this opportunity, then i have something to share which will provide you a technique to create this amazing revenue stream for your own-self by building your own online presence such that guarantees a success and a sustained revenue stream then, you may want to joining our upcoming webinar.   

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