National Anthem Disrespect: Modesty or Stupidity?

national anthem

Recently, a video has surfaced on social media that has caused outrage. In the video, two girls are seen sitting on a bed, laughing and clapping while reciting India's national anthem, 'Jana Gana Mana...' in a distorted manner. What's even more concerning is that one of the girls is holding a cigarette and aggressively pronouncing the lines while the other girl snatches the cigarette away and compares it to the national flag.

Outrage and demands for action

The video has sparked widespread criticism, with many people demanding strong action against the girls. Anupam Bhattacharjee shared the video on Twitter, which was retweeted massively. People have also lashed out at the girls for their disrespectful behaviour towards the national anthem.

In response to this, a police complaint has been filed in West Bengal against the two girls who uploaded the video on Facebook. The complaint was lodged by advocate Atrayee Halder with the LalBazar cyber cell and the Barrackpur Commissariat. The video was not available as the account in question was deleted, and it was not immediately ascertained whether the girls are minors.

Our opinion

The national anthem of India, 'Jana Gana Mana', holds a special place in the hearts of all Indians. Whenever it is played or sung, people from all walks of life come together, stand at attention, salute, and chant with pride. The anthem was composed by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and highlights India's rich heritage and traditions, as well as the importance of patriotism and loyalty toward our country. It reflects the history, traditions and composite culture of India and has been serving as an expression of national identity since its adoption.

Showing disrespect towards India's national anthem and flag is not acceptable as it is a matter of emotional connection to the entire nation. National symbols represent the pride and identity of the country, and any insult towards them is unacceptable. We should remember that these symbols are not just pieces of cloth or words, but they represent the unity, diversity and heritage of the country, which is why we must uphold their dignity and honour. Any act of dishonour towards them is a direct attack on the nation and its people. Therefore, it is essential to show respect towards national symbols and treat them with the utmost honour and reverence.

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