Love vs. Caste: Ansh & Nishi’s Fight for Safety

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Love is a beautiful feeling that has the power to bring people together regardless of their differences. Unfortunately, the caste system, in particular, has been prevalent in India for centuries and has resulted in significant discrimination and, at times, even honor killings. Love is meant to keep people together, but for Ansh and Nishi, their love has brought them nothing but hardship and death threats. Despite being legally allowed to get married, the young couple lives in constant fear for their lives. The couple tried to seek help from the police, but the threats and harassment continued.

What happened?

Ansh and Nishi are a young couple who recently got married, but unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived due to caste discrimination. Nishi had to endure severe abuse from her family before she could marry Ansh, who belonged to a different caste.

Despite being legally allowed to get married, the couple is now facing life threats from her family for marrying without their permission. They are 21 years old and should be able to start their married life without any fear or threat, but instead, they are living in constant fear and uncertainty.

Instagram Live Chat with peepoye

In a conversation with Peepoye, Nishi revealed that she and Ansh have been in a relationship for a long time, but when her family found out about it, they did not accept it because Ansh belongs to a different caste. Her family even took away her laptop and phone to prevent her from contacting anyone. She also faced domestic violence from her family. When she overheard her mother discussing her forced marriage to someone else, Nishi had no other option but to run away and marry Ansh.

Ansh and Nishi revealed that they had not planned to get married at such a young age. Nishi wanted to finish college first, and they wanted to focus on building their careers and financial stability before getting married. However, due to the circumstances, they had to run away and get married. The couple also mentioned that they were deeply in love and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

The couple tried to seek help from the police by going to Kapashera police station, where the officers on duty counseled their parents. However, their efforts have not resulted in any concrete action, and the threats and harassment continue. The couple also mentioned that Nishi's family has a strong police background, and they are using it to threaten them.

During the Instagram live conversation with the couple, Akassh, the founder of peepoye, highlighted that parents' concerns about their children's compatibility and future are understandable. However, he strongly condemned the use of over-possessiveness and violence as a means of addressing those concerns, stating that such behavior cannot be justified in any way, especially in the context of our modern world.

Peepoye Stand with Ansh & Nishi

Right now, Ansh and Nishi need public support to ensure their safety and protection. In support of them, Peepoye has started a social media campaign to gain public attention and protect them from her parents.

As responsible citizens, we must come forward and support the couple in their fight against caste discrimination. It's high time that we raise our voices against such atrocities and stand in solidarity with the victims.

Let us all support Ansh and Nishi by sharing their story and the hashtag #SupportAnshNishi on social media to create awareness and bring attention to their situation. We must come together to ensure that they can live their lives without any fear or threat and receive justice.

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