Jasneet Kaur and the 5 Stage Formula of Instagram Influencer

Jasneet Kaur

Asneet Kaur, an Instagram influencer from Mohali, has been arrested by the police for blackmailing and extorting money from her social media followers. The police have revealed that Jasneet Kaur, also known as Rajbir Kaur, used to send her nude photos to her followers and then blackmail and extort money from them.


Jasneet Kaur, the Instagram influencer from Mohali who was arrested for blackmailing and extorting money from her social media followers, had a formula to gain more followers on Instagram. We call it #jasneetkaurFormula, which is divided into five stages.

1. Urfi Javed Stage

Where influencers need to be creative by making new clothes that expose cleavage and call it fashion, they upload these types of photos on the internet to gain more followers and find opportunities in the film and television industry.

2. Sofia Ansari stage

Where influencers again upload semi-nude pictures and reels to grab attention and increase their followers. They have many revenue sources like brand deals, and sometimes they also get reality shows like Bigg Boss.

3. Rhythm Chanana stage

Where influencers need courage and go to public places with semi-nude clothes to gain attention, in this stage, they use offline mode to get attention. Rhythm Chanana is an example of this stage. If you want to know our take on her, watch this video:

4. Aditi Mistry stage

This Stage is similar to the Sofia Ansari stage. In this stage, influencers take things one step further by making an account on OnlyFans and their own application and transferring their followers to that platform to earn more and more money.

5. Jasneet Kaur stage

Finally, Jasneet Kaur Stage where influencers use the same type of content to blackmail people. They first befriend rich men on social media and record their chats before asking them for money. If they refuse, then they threaten them with the help of gangsters.

Each stage requires a lot of hard work and a lot of money, but one thing is common in every stage, and that is sharing flashy content to gain attention and using that attention in any of the above stages.


The Ludhiana Police came into action after a businessman from Ludhiana registered a complaint. He alleged that he received a call from an unknown number on WhatsApp in November last year, demanding money. The accused even threatened to harm him and his family. The case against Jasneet Kaur was registered on April 1 at the Model Town police station in Ludhiana. The police have seized her BMW car and a mobile phone.

The police have also booked Jasneet's aide, Lucky Sandhu, who is a youth Congress leader. Sandhu used to make threatening calls to the probable targets whom Jasneet used to blackmail for money. A case has been filed against the accused under sections 384 (extortion), 506 (criminal intimidation), and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). According to the police investigation, Jasneet Kaur was arrested in a similar case in 2008 in Mohali. During her initial interrogation, she said that she lived a luxurious life.

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