Is wealth of Anant Ambani greater than Indian Culture?

Anant Ambani

In recent times, a video of Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani’s younger son Anant Ambani celebrating his employee’s birthday on a private jet has gone viral. The video showcases a perfect example of an employer celebrating his employee’s special day on a private jet. However, what caught the attention of many viewers is the employee touching Anant's feet, a gesture that appears out of place because of the age difference between the two.

Where is the problem?

Touching feet is a common cultural tradition in India. It is a way of showing respect and honor to someone who is older. It is a way of seeking blessings and showing humility and gratitude. In fact, scientifically speaking, the exchange of positive energy and vibrations when you take your hand and touch someone legs and the ‘aashirwaad’ on one’s head complete an energy circuit and as per Indian culture, one is advised to touch the feet of elderly, parents and the one who’s at a position of respect

However, in the context of this video, the act of touching feet appears to have lost its traditional meaning and has become associated with wealth and power. This raises an important question about the values and priorities of society today. In a world where wealth and power seem to be the ultimate goal, traditional cultural practices and values are often disregarded.

Touching someone's feet used to be a kind and respectful thing to do, but now it's seen as a way of showing that you are inferior to someone who is rich and has a lot of power. Quite evidenly Mukesh Ambani who’s the richest businessman in India would have provided for so many people and as a result of which, its obvious that the people would be humblingly pay their respect to Ambani’s family like Anant in this case but shockingly, Anand Ambani was seen here giving blessing to the employee who was double this age and didn’t even stop him from doing so which shows how this would be so normal for him on a day to day basis.


It's important to remember that having a lot of money or being powerful doesn't mean we should ignore our cultural traditions and values. We should still be proud of where we come from and our heritage, even as we move forward with new ideas and ways of living. Touching someone's feet should be about showing respect and appreciation, not about showing that someone is rich or powerful. We should honor and value cultural practices that have been passed down to us while still being open to change and progress.

What do you think?

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