Indian-American Lawmakers intervene in Shaan’s case with a rare joint statement

While the nation and perhaps also the world is keeping an eye over the proceedings of Shaan Pritmnani’s incident, for the first time in US judicial history, all four Indian-American lawmakers have made a joint statement. The Indian-American Congressmen Ami Bera, Ro Khanna, Raja Krishnamoorthi, and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal submitted a letter to the Superintendent of Coppell Independent School District (CISD) in Texas Brad Hunt, and the Principal of Coppell Middle School Greg Axelson expressing deep concern over the incident that occurred in the premises of CISD.

In the letter, they further stated, “As you know, a widely circulated video of the incident shows 14-year-old Shaan Pritmani being assaulted and eventually “choked out” in an alleged wrestling maneuver that could have resulted in serious injury. This video has sparked widespread outrage in the Indian American community. As Indian American members of Congress and representatives of our diverse communities, the possibility of a young Indian American being targeted in this manner is extremely disturbing.” “We understand that in a May 15, 2022, statement to the community, Dr. Hunt emphasised that “Bullying, both verbal and physical, as well as physical acts of aggression are never acceptable and do not align with who we are at CISD and our core values”, they added further.

While this spread over the social media too, “The recent incident of bullying at Coppell Middle School North targeting a young Indian American student is unacceptable and has touched a nerve across the nation,” is what Congressman Ro Khanna said in a tweet.


The lawmakers have further specified certain factors to be considered and acted upon by the CISD administration.

These include –

  • Enquire whether a thorough investigation was carried out to reveal the background of violence
  • Has the investigation satisfied the involved families?
  • Was the physical result of brain damage or death or other injury considered in determining the severity of the incident?
  • Was there determination of suspension periods fair enough?
  • Fair standards of accountability
  • Strict steps to prevent any further bullying incidences
  • Measures to restore appropriate justice and if required counseling of the involved
  • Concrete steps to ensure a complete cessation of bullying faced by Shaan Pritmani.


There are responses arising from all strata worldwide in various forms. It also includes an online petition on which bears more than 435 signatures now. This phenomenon where sparks in the form of racism are slowly igniting a mild fire only points out how much racism has tormented the universal society. It won’t be surprising if this takes the form of silent protests or more effectively legal proceedings to bring in strict steps to reduce and stop racist actions.


An acceptable and desirable act by the Lawmakers indeed shows the intensity of the situation. It also depicts the mental maturity and patience shown by the victim’s family by acting according to the law and order, who would have otherwise panicked. While the School administration seems content and inactive with the issue of unjust suspension orders, it also looks insensitive and irresponsible towards its involvement in the universal society. When the world expects either a fitting punishment for the bully or a justifiable statement for your administrative orders, the unresponsive silence of the school administration is both shocking and disappointing. The fact that it needed the intervention by Law for the restoration of justice and order in its own premises, just shows what deficient value profile the school administration possesses. Overall it just shocks the audience over the sort of moral deterrence projected by the school administration and perhaps to some extent the US government in being stringent over old filthy practices.

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