Bigg Boss show has been a center point for entertainment during the winter season on Colors TV & Voot for drama lovers as they can watch their favorite celebrities fighting over minor things like bathroom and kitchen topics. Bigg Boss has always come into controversies for being a scripted show. However, it also successfully rises at the top in the news because of the same controversial topics. This time in Big Boss 16, Filmmaker Sajid Khan's entry into the house made a lot of controversies outside. Many celebrities who accused Sajid during the MeToo movement raised their voice and asked for his removal from the show.
This season is special because Bigg Boss makers have played an active role though Bigg Boss voice from time-to-time in the show, but today we will not talk about that humor or advice it brings in the show or for the contestants, but the godfather role makers played helping Sajid Khan improve his image outside. They further solidified Sajid’s position in the house quite tactfully by getting most loved contestant Abdu Rozik in the show in his corner from the day 1.  

Even though MC Stan has his own record label called Hindi records, Bigg Boss chose Sajid as a translator for Abdu Rozik so that Sajid can garner support from Abdu’s fandom. This was critical initially to neutralized the anger for bigboss fans against Sajid casting. Today we’ll uncover some facts about white washing machine manufactured by Bigboss makers and Team Sajid.

#MeToo Movement

A number of women from the film industry accused Sajid Khan in the #MeToo movement during 2018. Actresses like Sherlyn Chopra, Jiah Khan’s sister, Mandana Karimi, Dimple Paul, Aahana Kumra, Saloni Chopra, Rachel White, Kanishka Soni, Jaishree Gaikwad were some of the females who accused Khan of misconduct. The sexual assault allegations against him included inappropriate comments, bizarre questions, watching porn in front of women, flashing his private parts, and asking woman actors to send him their nude pictures for casting.

Bigboss journey

In Bigg Boss 16 house, Sajid khan always acted like a family head who tried to solve everyone's problems. He was always a Backbiter who spoke about everyone behind their back from Priyanka, Tina to his own mandali members such as Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Kaur, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan. He would get offended easily when someone would talk to him in a loud voice even when he would do the same. There were so many instances when he got angry at his own mandali just because they tried to counsel him.

Three celebrities who ensured the shift in public sentiment were Dharmendra, Riteish Deshmukh and Farah Khan who came inside Bigg Boss and brought the emotion in favour of Sajid Khan. where Sajid partnered with all three of them in different activities showcasing his comic image as well as hosted MC Stan show showcasing his Anchoring skills.

During family week when MC stan, Shiv, Sajid, Sumbul and his uncle were talking about Sumbul’s nature, Sajid was trying to explain Sumbul to act like mature meanwhile Shiv said audience love this jolly nature of Sumbul, she is 19, she should not act like a mature women. Sajid got angry just because shiv had a difference of opinion. Even when Shiv and stan went there to ease him, he spoke angrily to them.

Sajid was spotted so many times explaining to Abdu that he should not sit with other contestants because they intend to use him but as per audience, It was very evident that he was the one who was trying to use Abdu. In the process of milking Abdu’s popularity, he even degraded Abdu’s self respect by writing inappropriate things on his back during Nimrit’s birthday.

In the entire season, there has been lot of debates around Sajid’s antics but not even once there was any clip featured on Bigg Boss around Metoo history not even behind his back, which is surprising, unimaginable in spite of so many times there were some ugly fight including abuses hurled between the contestants involving Sajid which is a clear evidence that Bigg Boss tried to help him improve his image in audience’s mind. Even when Sajid Khan was repeatedly seen breaking an important house rule of smoking outside the smoking zone, Salman never confronted this during Weekend ka Vaar.
During the nomination process, It was very clear that he used to get scared of nominations and always tried to save himself but after getting nominated, Bigg Boss makers helped him by cancelling evictions in those weeks. If we look into the data, Sajid was nominated in four weeks- Week 1, 9, 11 & 14 but each of that week, he got nominated, but no one evicted from the house which never happened in the Bigg Boss history.

Grand exit

As per the voting trends, he was getting very less votes as compared to other contestants & thus, Bigg Boss makers wanted to keep him in the show. This was also required due to the concept of minimum guarantee (Watch this video to get more details on this). Sajid also instigated one of the most popular contestant of this season Rapper MC Stan to slap Archana Gautam during their fight.
Another dramatic turn of events took place when Abdu got the voluntary exit from the show just day before Sajid’s grand exit. Where an Emotional Bigg Boss tirelessly couldn’t stop praising Sajid Khan and how it was difficult for Sajid for being out of the action for 4 years. Not even once during the entire show or on that day anyone talked about the reason he was out action in the very first place.


In the nutshell, the same audience of Bigg Boss who makes the show such a great hit get cheated in the process as they get fooled by the team of Bigg Boss makers and Sajid Khan and It turns out that the entire stint of Sajid khan was the masterstroke to make his comeback easy & credible but as you know, Peepoye being the voice of the voiceless and for the mission of Ab Kuch Nahi Chupega wanted to sensitize the Bigg Boss audience with a blunt and a rationale opinion. Do let us know what you think about this & how reality shows like Bigg Boss get away doing this almost every season.

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