The Reason you must start a Youtube Channel in the Year 2022!

Youtube is the second biggest search engine on the planet and there is billion hours of video content that people watch on youtube every single day and if that is not enough a number that should make you sit a bit straight then, here you go:

  • 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide.
  • Youtube has 2.3 Billion users worldwide-
  • Youtube is localized in more than 100 countries and is available in 80 languages
  • 90% people say that they discover new brands or products on youtube

So while these numbers are mind boggling for a sheer fact that the penetration is huge but if we say that it’s still just a beginning, it may be not be an under statement and i will back that up by stating one more data point that while India is the 2nd biggest Youtube consumer Market with its population of 1.38 B only 31.8% of the people use smartphone which only means one thing that this market is going to get way bigger than what it is right now as currently more than 70% of Youtube watch time comes from mobile devices.

Now, after stating all these numbers if you are an expert in a particular topic, or you are passionate about a topic or you are talented in any craft and you are just keeping it with your own-self, you are missing on a big opportunity and while many of the craftsmen and experts don’t believe in just money or seeking attention but it’s important to note that the value quotient is way bigger and needs to be rated much higher than the money quotient here.

If your passion can inspire people, your knowledge can motivate someone or help someone that value may never get created if you don’t have an online presence strongly backed up by your youtube channel. While there are many social media platforms, if there’s one platform that provides most rich content by independent creators who are knowledge or craft expert in their own niche then, it’s gotta be Youtube.

Having said that, sometimes we may not have enough motivation or we have lot of confusion about whether the platform is a right fit or not but i think it’s more to do with being less aware or less equipped than anything else.

What if there’s a method that is presented right in front of you where you have to simply learn and do it, will you give it a shot? If you are wondering, don’t and just come and attend my free webinar and i will show you what you just can’t miss in the Year 2022!

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