FALSE ALLEGATION led to an innocent’s suicide

On 30th august 2022, Amit Kumar, an employee in Optum Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (a UHG company), Gurgaon, committed suicide due to the sexual allegations placed on him by a female colleague, Archana. On 19th august 2022, Amit attended a meeting by the company in which he was accused of sexual harassment which was followed by his committing suicide the next day. What happened in the meeting remains unknown as no record is to be found of the same. Similarly, what Amit went through mentally in the meeting is also taken along with him. He committed suicide by hanging himself with his wife’s dupatta. His suicide left his wife shattered and a 5-year-old child without a father.

He left a 5 pages suicide note penning down the allegations put before him which he condemns to be false. Still, To the date, there is no movement in the case. No proceeding has been taken from the company’s side. For a week, the company didn’t feel a need to speak to the grieving family.

The following were the allegations put before Amit as per his suicide note:

  • He asked about Archana’s father’s retirement
  • He requested for a change in the roaster
  • He used to call her to reprimand her about her cab delays
  • Where does the above allegations suggests a “sexual” harassment is a question before the people of sane and rational thinking.

    He was a simple and responsible family man who was excited about his son’s upcoming birthday. Many people attack Amit for being weak because of his suicide but what his wife reveals can not be sidelined either. According to her, Amit was preparing for his son’s upcoming birthday party the previous day, and the very next day he hanged himself which is an unacceptable step for her wife, and therefore she could not get over the fact of his husband’s suicide.

    Feminist steps for one woman ruined the life of another, Is this what feminism is? Isn’t feminism about supporting and uplifting women towards a welfare state? Is this what feminism does to a “man” who is trying to build a career for himself and provide the best he could for his family? Amit’s wife has outworn her shoes to seek justice for her husband. His family is still trying to seek justice but there is yet no help from either Gurgaon Police or the management of Optum Global Solution. To help a person get his basic human rights, contribute by sharing the story till it reaches the door of justice and join our change community.

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