Elvish Yadav being called as “Gamla Chor?” What’s the truth?

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A video of two men stealing flowerpots from a venue where a G20 summit was held in Gurugram has gone viral, and the name Elvish Yadav is being associated with the incident. Elvish Yadav is a popular YouTuber with two channels, Elvish Yadav Vlogs and Elvish Yadav. His two channels have 36 lakh and 92 lakh followers, respectively.

False Accusations and Unverified Claims

After the video of the flowerpot theft went viral, social media users began to claim that the SUV in the footage belonged to Elvish Yadav. They pointed to a video uploaded to Elvish's channel last year, which they said showed him in the car at a rally in Rajasthan. They claimed that the car in the flower pot theft clip and the one in the Rajasthan rally had the same registration number.

However, these claims were unfounded and unverified. They failed to do their research and found out that the owner of the car was someone else who is not even related to Elvish. Despite this, they still accused him of being involved in the theft.

Elvish's Response and the Media's Role

In a tweet, Elvish Yadav clarified that the vehicle in the flower pots' video did not belong to him. He urged people not to spread false information about him and threatened legal action against those who do.

Despite his clarification, people still blamed him for the theft, including the so called comedian Kunal Kamra, who took a dig at Elvish without verifying the claims. This shows how easily false information can spread and how little effort people put into verifying information before sharing it.

Furthermore, the Indian media's role in this incident has been disappointing. Many news portals began to defame Elvish without doing any research on the claims. They only wanted to sensationalize the story and add some spice to make it breaking news. This highlights the shallow nature of our media and the need for responsible journalism.


This incident highlighted a concerning trend in our society. It is now easy to defame someone just because they support a particular ideology or political party. In the case of Elvish Yadav, he was targeted simply because he showed his support for the right wing and clicked pictures with BJP ministers.

However, this is not an isolated incident. Many Bollywood celebrities and influencers openly express their political affiliations. It is not wrong for them to do so, as we all have the right to express our political views. But when these individuals are targeted and defamed for their political beliefs without proper research or evidence, it becomes a serious problem.

We need to realize that defaming someone based on their political beliefs is not only morally wrong, but it can also have severe consequences for the person's reputation and mental health. It is important to engage in healthy political debates and discussions, but we must do so with respect and civility.

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