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On 18th May'22, a social activist Tamanna Hashm filed a case against popular Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh, Ajay Devgan, Shahrukh Khan, and Amitabh Bachchan under sections 467, 468 , 439, and 120B.

In her complaint, Tamanna accused these stars of ‘misusing their popularity for the greed of money”. The matter will be heard in court now on May 27. Tamanna also pointed out that from children to the elderly they are playing with the lives of everyone, and the promotion of such brands by these actors will have a very bad effect on the children as they may also start doing all these things.

While Amitabh Bachchan withdrew from a Paan Masala Ad and Akshay Kumar stepped down as a Brand Ambassador of a Company that has Tobacco products, it seems some of the other actors have not really cared about criticism at large which is strange, especially after the Boycott Bollywood trend that has been going on since the passing of Sushant Singh Rajput whose demise was widely criticized as being a result of group boycotting & outcasting from some of the big movie producers thus, it may be a way for these actors to recuperate from financial losses or aspirations so much so that none of the criticism looks big enough.

We have been saying the same over a few videos in recent times especially when Akshay Kumar joined this gang who later also apologized that the stardom that these actors have comes with a lot of responsibility especially when their influence is hard-hitting on people from lower tiers in India who will easily get manipulated as these ads are mere brand recall campaigns for the parent brand which is of pan masala which has more than 80% market share and is the primary source of revenue for the companies and that’s the only reason, these actors are paid in crores and an excuse that they are only selling Elaichi is a big farce.

IN this video we explained exactly that when Ajay Devgan tried to come up with an explanation that really missed a rationale of any kind.

While obviously, these actors will be left untouched even after this complaint, i am 100% sure that more & more people are criticizing these actors for the right reasons which is averse to their image created by the PR machinery and hence, this action of Tamnanah need to be acknowledged and appreciated.

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