An incident took place on 5th June'22 on MG Road, Delhi in which a Scorpio is seen hitting a biker. The collision was so strong that the young biker went away and fell. 
A group of bikers were riding close to Arjan Garh metro station when they got into an argument with a man driving a Scorpio vehicle, following which the driver of the four-wheeler hit the biker and dashed off. The young boy who fell off the bike is a 20-year-old Shreyansh who was getting back to Delhi after a biking trip with his companions. One of the bikers said, “I was getting back with 8-10 of my companions from Gurugram to Delhi when he approached us and began rash driving.” “He threatened and verbally abused my mate. My companions slowed down a bit yet I drove ahead. The man accelerated, hit my bike and fled away,” he added.

The video of the whole incident was recorded by one of the bikers from the group and is now being widely shared on social media platforms after it was uploaded on Twitter by one of the bikers Anurag R Iyer. 

In this video, we have put our reaction on this whole incident and have urged the authorities to take action against the driver as it is not justifiable at any case to attack someone deliberately in anger. 

Many creators, especially from Delhi like Gaurav YPM and Nikhil have already stood up for Shreyansh and more creators should also come forward. We also urge you all to come forward and take a stand for Shreyansh by requesting the authorities to take action against the Scorpio driver by using the hashtags #StopRage #FollowTrafficRules and #justiceforshreyansh. 

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