Bihar Diaries: Serial Killer? Now Be Aware of Kissman

Bihar kissman

A viral video has surfaced on social media, showcasing a man sexually assaulting a woman health worker at the Sadar Hospital in Jamui district, Bihar. The video, which has been shared thousands of times, has sparked a major outrage and urged the Bihar police to launch an investigation against the "serial kisser."

The Assault and Investigation

The safety of women in Bihar has become a pressing concern, as a viral video circulating on the internet shows a man attacking a woman in broad daylight. In the video, the perpetrator is seen suddenly grabbing the woman and forcibly kissing her from behind while the victim tries to resist and escape. The incident occurred at a hospital, where the woman was left traumatized and shocked by the sudden attack.

The police have registered a case against the accused and are investigating the matter to ensure that justice is served for the victim. However, this incident is yet another reminder that women's safety must be taken seriously, and appropriate measures should be taken to make Bihar a safer place for women.

The Outrage and Call for Action

The viral video has triggered shock waves across the internet, and netizens have urged the authorities to increase the security for women in Bihar and take strict action against the perpetrator. The incident is a grave reminder of the increasing sexual assaults against women and the need for strict laws and measures to ensure their safety. The authorities must take necessary steps to provide a secure environment for women in public places and bring the perpetrator to justice.

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