5 Shocking facts about Amritpal Singh: early life to sudden rise

Amritpal Singh

Recently, there have been a lot of protests for the Khalistan movement and one person who is getting a lot of attention is Amritpal Singh. He used to live in Punjab and then went to Dubai to work for his family's transport business. When he came back to India, he changed his look and started sharing his extremist opinions on social media. He started promoting the Khalistan movement. Today, we'll see 5 surprising facts about him.

Fact #1: Mysterious early life of Amritpal Singh

He was a resident of Jallupur Khera in Punjab's Amritsar district before he moved to Dubai in 2012 to work for his family's transport business. According to his LinkedIn profile, he holds a mechanical engineering degree from a university in Punjab and has experience as an "operational manager" at a cargo company. For several years, he was primarily popular on social media for his views on Sikh unity and statehood. Last August, he returned to India from Dubai, and he looked quite different from his old photos in which he had neatly trimmed hair and beard.

Fact #2: Sudden raise of Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh was an operational manager in Dubai, leading a normal life until something happened that completely transformed him. Suddenly, he started appearing as a devout Sikh with unshorn hair, a blue turban, a long beard, a steel bangle, and a small sacred dagger called a kirpan hanging from his waist. He started undertaking the Khalistan project and seeing Khalistan's dreams. During the farmer protest, Amritpal Singh started giving his extremist ideology through social media. He started engaging himself in communities and groups with similar beliefs.

Deep Sidhu, another passionate advocate for the Khalistan movement, created an organization named Waris Punjab De. Amritpal and Sidhu met on Clubhouse, a social media app, where Amritpal quickly became the moderator in that group, and Deep Sidhu was leading that group. Although Deep Sidhu had a balanced ideology, Amritpal Singh had an extremist ideology.

After the death of Deep Sidhu, Amritpal Singh took the lead of this organization. He continues to propagate his extremist views, promoting the Khalistan movement and its separatist agenda. While his transformation may seem sudden and unexpected, his passion for the Khalistan cause has made him a leader in the community, inspiring others to join his cause.

Fact #3: Amritpal Singh's similarity with Bhindrawale

When Amritpal Singh came to Dubai at 19 years old, it is unclear who or what deeply rooted or influenced his ideology, but it is evident that he started consciously or subconsciously copying Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale's style, including his clothes and walking style. He became a similar personality, which raises questions about how his appearance changed, and whether it was based on convenience or opportunity. It is also unclear why this transformation did not occur previously and who might be influencing him now.

Supporters of Singh consider him as an inspiration and compare him to Bhindranwale. Singh emulates Bhindranwale's hardline views, openly calling for a separate state for Sikhs as the only "permanent solution" to Punjab's problems. He has been able to tap into Sikh anxieties by drawing parallels between their sovereignty and Hindu nationalist identity. Singh's popularity surge can also be attributed to the frustrations of many young people in Punjab who are not well-to-do, not that educated, can't find any work, and don't have the resources to go abroad.

Fact #4: Creation of Anandpur khalsa fauj (AKF)

Amritpal Singh declared himself head of WPD on March 4, 2022, contrary to popular belief that he was appointed in September 2022. He made the announcement on a letter pad containing a QR code that served as a Google form for membership. The form asked for skills and a WhatsApp number and was open to Sikhs in most countries. The letter pad had no names of WPD office-bearers but contained a stamp and pictures of Deep Sidhu and Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

The letter pad announced that WPD units would be created soon after discussions. Deep Sidhu's family called it fake, but Amritpal Singh, who prioritised Khalistan for WPD, already had social media followers and actor Daljit Singh Kalsi's support. Basant Singh Moga collected phone numbers of youth attracted to WPD, even before Amritpal arrived in Punjab, and Kalsi toured the world to gather support. Gurmeet Singh Bukanwala was also a founder member of WPD.

Jaggi Baba was the face of WPD before Amritpal Singh gained attention. WPD's structure was not expanded despite the response from Punjab youth. Amritpal Singh planned to launch AKF during Hola Mohalla, but he did not go after the Ajnala clash. Lovepreet Singh was appointed president of Gurudaspur. Kulwant Singh Rauke was among the founder members who was booked under NSA.

Amritpal Singh's security team, which called themselves the Anandpur Khalsa Fauj (AKF), had AKF written on their weapons and the front door of Singh's house. The AKF members had licensed weapons and joined Singh's security team, and were not linked to Deep Sidhu or the WPD. Additionally, Singh announced plans to open a school for foreign-born children of NRIs to connect to Punjab. These decisions were made solely by Singh, and the WPD members followed his orders.

Fact #5: Ideology Planted not real, Amritpal fled

Amritpal Singh's recent actions have raised many questions about his intentions. Despite declaring that he would not run away and was ready to face the police, Singh was seen in CCTV footage running from them, first from his Mercedes, then from a Brezza and bike while wearing a pink turban. What's more mysterious is how he suddenly removed his 'bana' even though the Khalsa dress is not convenience based.

Singh's four companions, driver, and uncle were arrested, but he has continued to evade arrest. It remains to be seen whether he will surrender or continue to run from the authorities. As the investigation progresses, the mystery behind Amritpal Singh's actions continues to deepen.

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