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In recent weeks, a video clip featuring Korean vlogger Jenn Bae has been making waves on social media. In her YouTube vlog, Jenn shares her shocking experience of being harassed while traveling alone in Jodhpur, India. A man named Deepak Jalani blocked her way and dropped his trousers to flash his genitals at her. Jenn began running and screaming, following which the accused fled and disappeared amid the street crowd. This incident has sparked outrage among viewers and highlighted the issue of harassment and assault faced by women.

What actually happened?

According to her account, while she was traveling alone and documenting her journey, she was approached by a man named Deepak Jalani, who allegedly harassed her in a public place. This incident, captured in her video clip, gained widespread attention and sparked outrage among viewers.

As the video gained traction, many activists and influencers came forward in support of Jenn Bae, condemning the harassment she experienced. Subsequently, the Jodhpur police confirmed that Deepak Jalani had been arrested in response to the incident. Reports indicate that the police sought the opinion of a doctor regarding Jalani's behavior, as he appeared to be mentally unstable. Jenn Bae has not filed an official complaint with the police. However, the police have confirmed that Jalani requires mental treatment due to his alleged mental illness.

Similar incident that went viral

This is not the first time that a Korean vlogger has encountered such incidents in India. In November 2022, six months prior to Jenn Bae's incident, a Twitch streamer from Korea named mhyochi, was traveling and live streaming it on the platform with around 1000 viewers when she experienced a traumatic incident. Two boys, Mobeen Chand and Mohammad Naqeeb, forcibly kissed her without her consent, causing her to feel violated and vulnerable. The incident was caught on camera and quickly went viral, sparking outrage and concern among viewers and the online community.

However, A man who was watching Hyojeong's live stream saw what was happening and immediately rushed to her rescue. He bravely stepped in and distanced the two accused men, preventing any further harm to the Korean streamer. Hyojeong was incredibly grateful for the man's intervention and took to social media to express her appreciation.

She posted a picture on Twitter of herself having lunch with the man named Atharva. In the caption, she thanked him for helping her. Despite the traumatic incident, Hyojeong maintained a positive attitude and even said that she still loves India, the country where the incident took place.

She clarified that the incident could happen anywhere in the world and didn't want people to think that it happened only because it's India. Hyojeong has traveled extensively and met many wonderful people throughout her journeys. She didn't want one bad experience to ruin her travels or her passion for showcasing the beauty of India to others.

Furthermore, Hyojeong shared that something similar happened to her in another country, but she wasn't able to call the police there. In India, however, she felt that action was taken quickly and efficiently to address the situation. Many people were offering her their help and support, and she was confident that such an incident wouldn't happen again.

Some people tried to justify the boys' behavior by claiming that Hyojeong is overly friendly, but it's important to remember that being friendly does not mean giving consent. These incidents bring to light the issue of harassment and assault faced by women. It's crucial to understand that such incidents are unacceptable under any circumstances. Everyone has the right to travel and explore without fear of harassment or assault, regardless of their nationality or background.

Our Opinion

These incidents highlight the need for greater awareness and education on issues of consent, respect, and gender equality. It's not just about education but also about common sense and a positive mindset that respects the autonomy and dignity of every individual, regardless of their gender & nationality.

While vloggers and influencers may seek attention and views by portraying sensationalized or negative aspects of a place or country, it's important to remember that, as citizens, we have a responsibility to uphold the reputation of our nation. Changing mindsets is crucial in addressing the issue of harassment and assault against women. It's important to promote a culture of respect, equality, and accountability, where everyone is treated with dignity and their autonomy is respected. Let's take action and work towards creating a world where everyone can travel and explore without fear of harassment or assault. Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for all.

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